Franchising Support and Service
Max's values close family ties and the Filipino concept of "samahan" (sense of belongingness) thus we treat each and every business partner as a family member. Max's offers a comprehensive total-solutions-package to aid our franchisees in successfully planning, developing, and implementing their very own Max's Restaurant franchise. A successful Max's franchisee can only expect extensive and continuous support in all aspects of operating their own Max's Restaurant which includes (but not limited to) the following:

Site Selection, Design and Construction

Our Business Development Department can create a detailed site plan indicating the specific location of a desired prototype facility based on specific information and requirements provided by the franchise re: the proposed site. In addition, the department can prepare building plans and specifications detailing the requirements for overall design, furnishings, store layout, equipment, fixtures and interior decor specifications.



Prior to the commencement of operations, the corporate training department will provide the franchisee and eight members of the management team with mixed hands-on training approach that spans for 4 months. This incorporates classroom content and applied in-restaurant developmental modules that will extensively cover subjects ranging from administrative, operational, and marketing. Regular refresher and developmental training programs will also be given as the requirement arises. Max's is a firm proponent of sustainable continuous training of all Max's franchises and employees to closely align our business model and company values together to enrich the integral bond between store staff, guests and restaurant profitability.



Max's firmly believes that marketing is the driving impetus that propels the restaurant brand forward. Our team is composed of marketing professionals will provide each and every store with the best marketing service available to ensure brand loyalty and saliency in the market. The marketing group will provide support in facilitating new product launches, sales-driven in-store promotions, compelling above-the-line advertising efforts and viable media planning. You can also expect dynamic local store marketing projects and exceptionally-designed merchandising collaterals. Strategic brand mapping, intensive competitive check analysis, new product development and consumer-based research comprise the marketing support extended to all Max's stores.



Each franchise store can expect holistic support and servicing (24 hours a day/7 days a week) provided by a dedicated Franchise Area Manager who is assigned specifically to assist the franchisee in running the store accordingly. The key aim of the operations team is to create sales-building efforts and to ensure that the Max's high quality and safety standards are maintained across all store operations. FAMs will see to it that the store meets its sales targets and increases its profitability. FAMs conduct staff meetings, regularly do store visits and conduct training for procedural updates and rollouts for new programs and menu items.


Information Technology

Max's is up-to-date with the latest in-store Point-Of-Sale technology to run our Max's stores nationwide. Our corporate information technology department is dedicated to support and assist all restaurant-related I.T. queries and concerns. Technology development is the main aim of Max's to achieve seamless technology integration within branch operations and cost-efficiency down to the store level.


Research & Development and Procurement

Our research and development team continually seek to enhance the Max's dining experience by developing only the best authentic Filipino dishes to complement our Max's Fried Chicken. The department also conducts acceptability and taste preference research studies to ensure that all existing and new products meet the discerning taste of our loyal customers. On the other hand, our purchasing group deals only with the most reliable suppliers to purvey raw materials at the lowest prices possible without sacrificing food safety guidelines. With the efforts of these two groups combined, we can expect efficient availability of raw materials for all products and top notch logistical chain management for all Max's stores.

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